Airport Firefighters Association Welcomes 3 New Members

The Rochester Airport Firefighters Association welcomed 3 new members last week. Probationary Firefighters Daniel Maggio, Justin McGory, and Patrick Spear were all hired as Airport Firefighters recently, and all three made the decision to support the Union that supports them. With their commitment, our Union continues to maintain 100% membership in spite of the rhetoric that was spread around the Janus decision in 2018. The leadership of Local 1636 is proud to welcome aboard these Professional Firefighters and we all look forward to working with them throughout their careers!

In other member-related news from the last year, we'd like to publicly congratulate the following people;

    • Captain Rob Moberg on his retirement
    • Firefighter Eric Smith on his transfer to Brighton Fire
    • Firefighter Rob Roth on his transfer to Brighton Fire
    • Captain Jim Statt on his retirement
    • Captain Kevin Bardeen for rejoining L1636
    • Executive Board member Michael Knorr on his promotion to Captain
Capt. Jim Statt (retired)
FF Eric Smith (L) & FF Rob Roth (R)
(L to R) FF's Justin McGory, Daniel Maggio, & Patrick Spear
Capt's Michael Knorr (L) & Rob Moberg (retired)